Communities Finance Officers Association

The board of Communities Finance Officers Association comprise five committees

Media and public relations committee

Arthur Sukiasyan 
Lena Jilavyan
Gohar Davityan


•  Relations establishment with other NGO’s and civic society representatives.

•  Relations establishment with mass media:
– invitations of representatives of mass media for events organized by CFOA,
– providing mass media with appropriate information on the activities and programs of the

•  Dissemination of official position of the CFOA through announcements, interviews, analytical or other articles and otherwise.

•  Clarification and disproving of distortion of information about the CFOA through mass media.

•  Dissemination of information about CFOA’s Board’s decisions and activities.

Legal and Legislative committee

Knarik Ayvazova 
Ruben Hayrapetyan
Artsruni Igityan


•  Development of laws and normative acts on local self-governance, and organization of discussions with local government and civic society representatives.

•  Preparation of legislative amendments and initiation of discussions with the Standing Committees on State and Legal Affairs and Financial-Credit, Budgetary and Economic Affairs of the National Assembly of RA as well as with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Coordination of Infrastructures and the

•  Ministry of Finance and Economy

•  Publication and dissemination of comments and explanatory methodological instructions on adopted legislative documents.

•  Organization of conferences and seminars on local self-governance.

•  Advocacy of community’s rights and monitoring the implementation of the legislation by State Bodies/institutions.

Methodological and consulting committee

Vahram Shahbazyan
Nora Ghukasyan
Anna Chobanyan


•  Organization of discussions on initiatives directed towards improvement of the legal framework of local self-government in the communities of RA.
•  Provision the Local Government Units personnel dealing with issues of social, economic and financial management with appropriate information.
•  Provision advisory and technical assistance to LGU personnel in compiling three-year and annual programs of social and economic development, budget drafting, supervision over their execution, reporting, etc.
•  Organization of training programs, workshops and seminars for LGU finance and management specialists, development and provision of curriculum and methodological materials in co-operation with international organizations.
•  Testing and applying modern methods and mechanisms of financial management (Western and Eastern Europe , CIS) in the RA communities and evaluation of their efficiency.
•  Ensuring experience sharing among communities, introducing successful experience, further extension of works towards rural communities.
•  Advocacy of interests of LGU finance and other personnel, increase of their importance.
•  Expansion of the services provided by the CFOA.

Organizational committee

Seyran Markosyan
Abraham Artashesyan



•  Submission of applications for the membership and deprivation thereof to the Board of CFOA.

•  Monitoring of payment of membership fees by the members of the CFOA.

•  Preparation of suggestions on possible sources of revenues (non-grant) and expenditure items, and monitoring thereof execution.

•  Organizations of CFOA’s meetings .

•  Establishment of relations with business companies, branches and representations.

International relations committee

Davit Tumanyan
Davit Margaryan
Tigran Brsikyan


•  Establishment of cooperation and partnership with foreign NGO’s dealing with local self-government issues.

•  Establishment of relationships with international organizations dealing with local government issues.

•  Participation in international forums, conferences and seminars dedicated to reforms in public administration, decentralization, and local self-government issues.

•  Submission to donor organizations regional programs, and thereof implementation.

•  Examination of international experience on local self-governance, provision communities with corresponding information and identification of possible ways of introducing thereof in the RA.

•  Organization of regional and international conferences and seminars.

•  Preparation and publication of materials and scientific works in local and foreign Press.