Communities Finance Officers Association
CELoG Quarterly report April 1-June 30 2015 CELoG Quarterly report April 1-June 30 2015

The major event that took place in the sphere of local government in Armenia was the organization of local referendums in three community clusters that were held on May 17, 2015. This event became a central focus for the CELoG Consortium for the period between the announcement and the day of the referendums, since during that period of time information visits had to be conducted to all 22 communities of the 3 clusters.
Being the first in the history of independent Armenia, these local referendums became important not only from the point of view of administrative reform but also as a political occurrence. Thus, ensuring the transparency of the process and trustworthiness of the results became crucially important, particularly taking into account the low level of trust towards electoral processes in Armenia. Due to this fact, CELoG used its organizational resources to monitor the referendums and created mobile groups of observers to visit all 22 communities on May 17.
Another important task for the Consortium in light of the referendums was to ensure that the decision of voters in each of the communities was conscious and informed. This is one of the main reasons why the preliminary information visits to the communities were organized. However, receiving feedback from the population of the 22 communities was also of extreme importance, since these were the first information visits organized where expectations, aspirations and concerns were expressed. Collection of this feedback will serve CELoG in further communication with the decision makers.