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Brief information  on “Training in the sphere of citizen participation in local governance of municipality” program implementation Brief information  on “Training in the sphere of citizen participation in local governance of municipality” program implementation

Citizen participation in local governance is one of the important elements of Local Self-government system which allows citizens to have an impact on the public processes of their settlements and municipality, have their own contribution in the management and development of the settlement and municipality as well as to bear public responsibility for the results of these processes.

Citizen participation in local governance is one of the most important principles of LSG and one of the specific fields of activity of local self-government bodies. It has a quite impressive reflection in RA legislation regarding local self-government, in particular in RA Constitution, additional protocol of European Charter of Local Self-government (Utrecht, 2009, ratified by RA in June 2013), RA Law on Local Self-government.

“Training in the sphere of citizen participation in local governance of municipality” program, supported by USAID, is one of the most important activities of the second year work plan of Civic Engagement in Local Governance (CELoG) program which is implemented by consortium of 6 organizations (led by “Communities Finance Officers Association” NGO).

The aim of the training was to educate, train and raise awareness of various target groups of municipality on the existing legislative regulations of RA, to introduce participatory mechanisms and forms that enable citizens to exercise their rights of participation in LSG.

For proper and systematic implementation of training the methodology was developed by CFOA expert team and agreed upon with USAID. Based on its established methods and plans 3-day seminars were conducted in the CELoG program’s municipalities.

Seminars hosted members of advisory bodies adjacent to the heads of municipalities, council members, representatives of municipally owned organizations, CSOs and private sector, active residents and other interested individuals.

CFOA expert team organized and implemented 18 training seminars from March to July of 2016 for representatives of CELoG program’s 31 municipalities. Brief information on the seminars are provided in Appendix 1.

Each seminar lasted 3 days, 18 hours total. During each seminar participants were provided with information on LSG reforms, as well as they took part in lectures (9 topics), practical work (in the form of 3 topic discussions) and open discussions. On the last day of seminar 2 animated films (called “Man’s place”) produced in the framework of CELoG program were shown where LSG system, its essence, the importance and necessity of citizen participation in LSG is displayed in accessible and fascinating manner.

At the end of the seminars participants were asked to complete a knowledge assessment test which included questions on the all discussed topics. Participants also completed a seminar evaluation form where they had an opportunity to evaluate both organizational and educational levels of seminars, trainers’ work, the ratio of their expectations from seminars to acquired knowledge, relevance of the material, the effectiveness of the seminar and other qualitative indicators.

Based on the attendance and final test results the seminar participants were awarded certificates.

CFOA expert team analyzed and evaluated the questionnaires filled in by participants after the seminars, made a number of observations and conclusions which will be taken into an account in the future trainings within CELoG program for raising their purposefulness and effectiveness.

Final report[1] on “Training in the sphere of citizen participation in local governance of municipality” program was presented to USAID, where detailed information about the final results of the training program can be found.

CFOA expert team


[1] It is posted on the official website of CFOA

Appendix 1

Brief information

On seminars held during March-July of 2016 within the framework of CELoG program





Participating municipalities Number of invited participants Actual number of participants Number of participants who got certificates
1. 16.03 – 18.03 Vedi (town)

1.Vedi (town)

2.Vosketap (village)

21 23 20
2. 30.03 – 01.04 Ashtarak (town)

3.Ashtarak (town)

4.Oshakan (village)

26 34 26
3. 13.04 – 15.04 Paraqar (village) 5.Parakar (village) 23 27 25
4. 20.04 – 22.04 Metsamor (town)

6.Metsamor (town)

7.Mrgashat (village)

8.Sardarapat (village)

31 14 9
5. 03.05 – 05.05 Eghvard (town) 9.Eghvard (town)

10.Kasagh (village)

20 20 19
6. 11.05 – 13.05 Alaverdi (town) 11.Alaverdi (town)

12.Odzun (village)

24 23 21
7. 25.05 – 27.05 Goris (town) 13.Goris (town) 26 24 16
8. 01.06 – 03.06 Spitak (town) 14.Spitak (town) 21 20 19
9. 07.06 – 09.06 Akhuryan (village) 15.Akhuryan (village)

16.Azatan (village)

26 25 25
10. 08.06 – 10.06 Artik (town) 17.Artik (town)

18.Maralik (town)

19 28 18
11. 21.06 – 23.06 Bjureghavan (town) 19.Bjureghavan (town)

20.Jrvezh (village)

25 23 19
12. 22.06 – 24.06 Kajaran (town) 21.Kajaran (town) 29 24 17
13. 29.06 – 01.07 Masis (town) 22.Masis (town)

23.Mkhchyan (village)

31 27 21
14. 29.06 – 01.07 Sisian (town) 24.Sisian (town) 19 25 15
15. 11.07 – 13.07 Eghegnadzor (town) 25.Eghegnadzor (town) 21 21 19
16. 13.07 – 15.07 Gavar (town) 26.Gavar (town)

27.Vardenik (village)

29 29 28
17. 20.07 – 22.07 Gavar (town) 28.Noratus (village)

29.Sarukhan (village)

30.Karmirgjugh (village)

20 20 17
18. 27.09 – 29.07 Berd (town) 31.Berd (town) 23 22 15
Total 18 seminars 31 municipalities 434 429 349