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Discussion about draft law on Inter-community unions Discussion about draft law on Inter-community unions

The Government of Armenia has recently started the process of revision of the draft law on Inter-community unions.

In this regard 3 regional meeting-discussions were organized in the framework of CELoG program aiming to present the above-mentioned draft law to the LSG bodies and “inter-community union” municipality associations of the region and providing an opportunity the latter to express their opinions on the draft law.

The events supervised by the representatives of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development (MTAD) and CFOA expert team, were organized on January 26 in Sisian, on February 3 in Vanadzor and on February 10 in Yerevan.

Representatives from communities and inter-community entities, engaged in active discussions, brought forth a number of remarks and suggestions regarding the legal forms, formation, powers and funding of inter-community unions.