Communities Finance Officers Association


Donor: GIZ  Good Local Governance Program South Caucasus”


Project objectives:

  • Develop training modules based on the Methodology for PB;
  • Train the representatives of LSGs, municipal staff of 18 MSMs and CSPS on development and management of PB;
  • Develop, publicly discuss and submit to the Community Council PBs of the newly-formed 18 MSMs;
  • Ensure the compliance, complementarity and compatibility of 5CDP, AWP, M&E and PB of MSM.


Expected results:

  • Developed training modules;
  • Developed concept on formation of clusters for trainings of 18 MSMs;
  • Representatives from 18 MSMs participated in the trainings and trained on development and management of PB;
  • Report on training satisfaction of participants incl. disaggregation by gender and cluster;
  • 18 Draft Program Budgets before the public hearings;
  • 18 Brief Budgets for the public hearings;
  • 18 Public Hearings on PBs 2018 conducted;
  • 18 Final PBs 2018 after the public hearings;
  • Final summary report on implementation of the assignment.