Communities Finance Officers Association

This publication contains assessment of the reforms implemented in local selfgovernment in Armenia in 2009 and 2010. The assessment has been implemented onthe basis of methodology designed by CFOA experts. The basis for assessment of thereforms has been the performance under programmatic provisions of the Governmenton local self-government in the country, indicators describing the situation in localself-government, and performance of obligations committed by the Republic of Armenia in the area of local self-government under the international treaties andagreements.
CFOA participates and follows the progress in local self-government reformsfrom the very outset of the system back in 1996. In the nearly fi fteen years past sincethe introduction of the system in the country, CFOA has published three books, whichset out assessments of the reforms accompanied with numerous recommendationson further actions to be taken. The fi rst of these books (Local Self-government Reforms in Armenia: Policy Options and Recommendations, edit David Tumanyan, PhD Economics), was published in 2004. This publication encompasses articles describing the course and progress in reforms implemented in local self-government between 1996 and 2004.
The second book (Local Self-government Reforms in Armenia (2004-2006), Book 2; edit David Tumanyan, PhD Economics) was published in 2008. It sets out assessments on reforms implemented in local self-government in 2004-2006.
The third publication (Local Self-government Reforms in Armenia (2007-2008), Book 3; edit David Tumanyan, PhD Economics) was issued in 2009. Effective 2007, CFOA implements assessment of local self-government reforms in Armenia in the shape of reports and their presentations to the public at large. These reports are designed and produced in unifi ed format and contain assessments grouped by individual components of local self-government, such as administrative and territorial division and inter-community cooperation, community property, fi nance, local elections and operations of LSGs, local democracy, administrative institutions and delivery of municipal services. This book is already the fourth publication on local self-government reforms implemented in Armenia. In addition to the description of the progress in the local self-government reforms, the pending problems of the local self-government system as it exists in Armenia, as well as recommendations on their solutions have also been set out in this publication.