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Participatory democracy at local level:  How and why participate in local self-governance?  Manual Participatory democracy at local level:  How and why participate in local self-governance?  Manual

This Manual reflects on the issues of participatory democracy at the level of local self-government. It has been designed and produced in the framework of the Participatory Democracy in Action in the Local Self-government Systems in Armenia programme (July 2010 – June 2011), funded by the Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation/Local Government Initiative (OSI-AF/LGI).
Implementation of the above programme enabled also delivery of training sessions on civil participation in local self-government and discussions and debates to identify fundamental issues and priorities in the ommunities. Among the participants in the training sessions were major stakeholders in local self-        vernment systems (such as heads of municipalities, members of community councils, representatives of  unicipal staff, political parties, non-government organisations, and legal entities, as well as active civic   roups) in the three target communities of Berd, Dilijan and Noyemberyan. Two draft documents have  een produced as a result, i.e. Rules of Procedures for Civil Participation in Local Self-government, which was submitted to the community councils of the above municipalities for adoption, and a draft law  n introduction of amendments in the Law on Local Self-government of Armenia, which was  mmunicated to the Ministry of Territorial Administration.
Many are the people who have taken active role in implementation of the programme and contributed to design and production of this Manual.
The authors express gratitude to Vahan Movsisyan, the Chairman of Community Finance Officers    ssociation, Andranik Sharyan, Head of Berd municipality, Armen Santrosyan, Head of Dilijan municipality, and Vanush Amiraghyan, Head of Noyemberyan municipality, as well as Samvel Hovsepyan, Executive Director of Berd Community Union, Artoush Margaryan, Executive Director of Dilijan Community Union, Andranik Veranyan, Executive Director of Noyemberyan Community Union, for their support to implementation of the programme, and the programme staff, including David Margaryan  nd Kristine Atomyan for their invaluable assistance in preparation of this Manual.
Special thanks are due to Dr Angel Manuel Moreno, Professor of the Carlos V Madrid University, my colleague in  ndependent group of experts with the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, for  haring materials on participatory democracy in Spain.