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LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT REFORMS IN ARMENIA:  Policy options and recommendations LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT REFORMS IN ARMENIA:  Policy options and recommendations

In the recent years interest towards local self-governance system in Armenia has significantly increased. This is preconditioned by the importance of the sector and the commitments assumed made by Armenia to wards the European Council, as well as active operations work carried out in this sector by non-governmental organizations, independent experts and international institutions. Different are the views expressed in respect of future of decentralization process, reforms and further developments in the local self-government system in the country, various conferences are held on a number of issues of relevance in order to organize discussions and debates. Herewith you are holding materials of one of such conference.
This book contains papers articles where were presen repor ted during the National Conference titled ” On Decentralization and Local Self- G g overn ment Development ance System in Armenia “, which was held in Yerevan on July 14-15 , July 2004 . The objective of the Conference was to hold promote expanded discussions on fundamental problems of local self-governance, listen to various standpoints and opinions, and outline major directions for of further de­ve­lop­ment. The Conference was organized by the Communities ies Finance Officers ‘ Asso­cia­tion with the support of the Fiscal Decentralization Imitative. Among the par­ti­ci­pants of the Conference were members of parliament, officials of the central government officials , and rep­re­sentatives of local self- government s bodies , non-governmental and inter­na­tio­nal or­ga­ni­za­tions, as well as local and foreign experts. The Works of t Conference w orked in two for ­ mats: ere arranged in ple­nary sessions and working groups. Three working topical groups were formed , including on the following topics: political decentralization, fiscal decentralization, and provision of community services and capacity building.
Paper Report s elucidating conceptual considerations and international experience were presented at plenary sessions, while concrete issues were discussed in the working groups, fundamental problems of local self-government raised for discussion and proposals and recommendations were made with the objective to identify relevant solution s and ensure new development s in the sector. At the concluding plenary session coordinators of working groups presented the outcomes of discussions held in the working groups.
This book contains eleven papers prepared by state officials of Armenia and independent experts, as well as the summary and conclusions of the paper report s presented during the Conference. Their study indicates once more that problems related to local self-government related problems should be viewed in the context of their mutual linkages and complex developments.
Currently, expansion of local self-government reforms and elaboration of new policies is on the agenda of urgent issues . This manual raises important issues and identifies their solutions contains important considerations of challenges , recommendations on how to address them, and may be useful for the relevant bodies responsible for decision-mak ers in g in this sector.