Communities Finance Officers Association
08.03.2011 - 13.12.2011


UNDP Armenia

The Project objectives are:
  • 1. Capacity assessment, including need assessment, report to engage citizens in decision making, ensure public accountability and advocate nationally on local priorities in 16 communities of Lori and Tavush marzes (8 communities from each marzes);
  • 2. Assessment of the level of engagement of civil society and private sector stakeholders in decision and policy making on local (community) level;
  • 3. Identification of key local resources for addressing priorities of communities;
  • 4. Capacity development of potential leaders on leading dialogues about development of their municipalities;
  • 5. Selection and capacity development of focal points from the Lori and Tavush Governor’s offices (marzpetaran), responsible for public participation in two marzes;
  • 6. Development of a pilot social partnership mechanism/model on local level with multi-stakeholder participation.
  • Expected results are:
  • 1. Report on comprehensive assessment of the local government capacity in two marzes of Armenia with respective recommendations;
  • 2. Report on community priorities in two marzes defined and key local resources required identified both at LSGs and beyond;
  • 3. Report on assessment of the level of civil society and private sector stakeholders’ engagement in decision and policy making;
  • 4. Developed capacity of local leaders on participatory government and civic engagement;
  • 5. Developed pilot social partnership model on community problem solution.