Communities Finance Officers Association
01.12.2010 - 31.01.2012


OSI-AF Armenia

The Project objectives are:
  • 1. Monitor the budgeting process of Yerevan to assess the transparency, accountability and level of public participation at all stages of the mentioned process.
  • 2. Evaluate the budget structure aimed at effective municipal service delivery.
  • 3. Discus the revealed obstacles for transparency, accountability public participation and effective service delivery with the bodies of local self-government and civil society organizations.
  • 4. Prepare a policy brief for the government and the local authorities.
  • 5. Prepare a document which will be guiding the future initiatives of CSO’s in area of local budget monitoring.
  • Expected results are:
  • 1. Publication of the Report on the Monitoring.
  • 2. Developed policy Briefs.
  • 3. Manual for the CSO’s in the monitoring works.