Communities Finance Officers Association
21.06.2010 - 25.11.2011



The Project objectives are:
  • 1.Generate evidence-based financial information and carry out analysis to feed into strategic planning processes and expenditures, in Lori and Tavush marzes, in child-focused areas of the three social sectors with more impact on children: education, health and social protection,
  • 2.Provide analysis of the medium-term expenditures in child-focused areas in Lori and Tavush marzes,
  • 3.Identify existing financial and capacity constraints at central government and local self-government level,
  • 4.Reveal impacts of the financial and economic crisis on child-focused programs and expenditures,
  • 5.Explore programme vs. conventional (line-item) budgeting in terms of impact on strategic planning (advantages and disadvantages of various approaches),
  • 6.Analyse the role of the NGOs (NGO networks, if existent) in budgeting for children and potential for improvement,
  • 7.Serve as source of reference for other than pilot marzes when they embark on regional child-focused planning,
  • 8.Make recommendations on improvement of budget information flows, reporting and accountability on spending for children (at regional and local level),
  • 9.Make recommendations on regular reports for publishing information on spending for children at marz level,
  • 10.Development of the study on child-focused public finance and submission to the UNICEF`s Armenia office.
  • The expected results are:
  • 1.Report: Budget Analysis of government expenditures in Lori and Tavush marzes of Armenia.
  • 2.Recommendations on development of Financing Chapter of the LAP.
  • 3.Recommendations on improvement of weaknesses on children focused plans and public expenditures at regional and local level.