Communities Finance Officers Association
15.12.2006 - 14.12.2007



The Project objectives are:
  • 1. Upload 250 document to the LOGIN library,
  • 2. Update existing and new added LOGIN’s modules,
  • 3. Publish and distributing of newspaper “Hamaynq”,
  • 4. Publish articles about LOGIN in the newspaper,
  • 5. Organize four seminars,
  • 6. Conduct survey on information source and publication of its results,
  • 7. Organize “The Best Yearly Essay” competition among students,
  • 8. Organize the closing presentation of the second year.
  • The results are:
  • 1. 250 documents Uploaded,
  • 2. Activated and in use three new modules (News, Funding and Trainings),
  • 3. Established connection with municipal staff and regional journalists responsible for information issues (with help of seminar organized in Yerevan),
  • 4. Disseminated information about LOGIN Project and changes in LSG (with help of three seminars and “Hamaynq” newspaper, which was published each month)
  • 5. Created relation with students and increased awareness on LOGIN via “The best yearly essay” competition among students,
  • 6. Published and uploaded into the LOGIN library the findings and results of the conducted survey