Communities Finance Officers Association
18.09.2006 - 31.03.2007



The Project objectives are:
  • 1. Prepare and conduct training sessions in 38 pilot urban communities of LGP-3 program for the chief responsible for planning and budgeting,
  • 2. Follow up and provide technical assistance to communities for the development of below stated documents:
  •   • Community capital investment program for 2007-2009 based on the 2006-2008 community triennial development program,
  •   • Project proposal for any specific program,
  •   • Community budget for 2007 including the capital investment projects.
  • The results are:
  • 1. The chief of staff of 38 communities included in LGP -3 have obtained fundamental knowledge and practical skills in operating and capital investment planning and budgeting as well as in preparing community project proposal,
  • 2. Each training participant have received a training package on planning and budgeting of community activities, which will be beneficial to organize mid-term and long-term activities of communities,
  • 3. Each training participant has received practical skills.