Communities Finance Officers Association
23.01.2006 - 30.10.2007



The Project objectives are:
  • 1. Collect data needed to elaborate the equalization formula (from municipalities and the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Territorial Administration),
  • 2. Design the formula and review by external experts,
  • 3. Prepare of draft amendments to the Law on Financial Equalization,
  • 4. Present of prepared formula and draft amendments to the representatives of Parliament, Government, Commission under the President of Armenia and local governments,
  • 5. Implement discussions with external experts,
  • 6. Finalize the draft and submit it to Ministry of Finance and Economy
  • The results are:
  • 1. Developed new formula on Financial Equalization,
  • 2. Developed new Draft Law on Financial equalization based on proposed formula,
  • 3. Organized presentation of prepared materials to representatives of the Parliament, Government, Commission under the President of RA and Local self-governments and other stakeholders (Conference),
  • 4. Draft of the Law on Financial equalization was presented to Government of RA.