Communities Finance Officers Association
01.10.2014 - 30.09.2019

Donor:   USAID 


The project is implemented by a Consortium consisting of the Communities Finance Officers’ Association (CFOA), the Information Systems Development and Training Center (ISDTC), the Yerevan Press Club (YPC), the Journalists’ Club Asparez (AJC), the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), and the Caucasus Research Resource Center-Armenia (CRRC). CFOA leads the Consortium.

The project involves directly around 75 communities of Armenia, including both large rural and urban communities (about 35 towns and large villages and small ones subject to consolidation (about 40)).

CELoG program aims to increase civic engagement in decentralization and local self-government reforms, provide citizens with reliable information and strengthen civil society’s capacity to promote effective, accountable and participatory local governance.

The project will focus on the needs of selected communities in a targeted way and create opportunities for different communities. The project will emphasize the participation of youth and women, which is necessary for ensuring community resources are mobilized effectively and the sustainability of the project results is achieved. The overall outcome of the project will be in building an environment where the relations between the community members and the LSGBs are transferred into a joint effort targeting community development


The Project objectives are:

  • To sustain and improve civil society’s ability to engage citizens and articulate their interests in local self-government and in the process of the implementation of the decentralization reform,
  • To strengthen civil society’s capacity to monitor the central and local government institutions and officials, and the implementation of the decentralization reform,
  • To increase citizens’ access to independent and reliable information on the decentralization reform,
  • To improve the civil society enabling environment with a special focus on decentralization.

Results are:

  • Increased level of understanding of the decentralization reform and mechanisms of communities’ participation in it, strategy of public participation
  • Publications on monitoring of implementation of local self-government reform in Armenia in Armenian and English(from the year of 2012 to 2018)
  • Spread information of local self-government reforms to the citizens of Armenia and abroad
  • Draft law submitted to the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations, which will be legislative bases for the implementation of communities` consolidation
  • Adoption of 3 regulations on citizens’ participation by community council stipulated by the RA Law on Local Self-Government. These regulations are: Public Participation in LSG, Formation and Activities of Consultative Bodies Attached to the Head of Community and Public Hearings and Discussions
  • Survey on perceptions of LSG and decentralization
  • Updated methodology on Decentralization and Local Self-government Reforms Monitoring
  • Redeveloped website of the CFOA in which all information about the project, decentralization and local self-government reforms, other projects, activities and developed materials of the CFOA, Armenian and international experiences, etc will be accessible.
  • Development of the web portal, internal communication tools, recommendations for application of new IT tools in local government
  • Establishment of  advisory bodies in 35 pilot communities, which  will be  well informed on legislation requirements on participation, participation tools and current regulations
  • Organization of open discussions with studentsaimed at equipping the students with first-hand information about the decentralization process, while some will have the opportunity to contribute to the concrete aspects of the reform
  • Seminars for representatives of traditional and new media with a view to improve their knowledge and skills in covering issues related to local government and decentralization reform.
  • TV Talk shows on decentralization produced and broadcasted by national TV channels and disseminated electronically
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the media covering issues related to local government and decentralization
  • Media award for covering issues related to local government and decentralization will be granted