Communities Finance Officers Association

Donor: GIZ Armenia


Program objectives։

  • Increase the number of municipalities exercising results-oriented budgeting, creating preconditions for investment and spreading of new budgeting model in the local self-government system
  • Enrich the methodological and consultative base for exercising results-oriented budgeting
  • Create the possibility to widen the geography of implementation of methodology or its separate provisions and present it in the region

 Expected results:

  • TOT seminar for 6 experts (who will provide technical consultation throughout the program to the selected 30 representatives of pilot municipalities, namely Oshakan, Aparan, Sasunik, Artik, Sarnaghbyur, Azatan, Abovyan, Nor Yerznka, Qasakh, Jrvezh, Berd, Ijevan, Noyemberyan, Alaverdi, Spitak, Vardenik, Sevan, Vardenis, Odzun, Vosketap, Mkhchyan, Jermuk, Urtsadzor, Qajaran, Kapan, Shinuhayr, Yeghegnadzor, Zaritap, Paraqar)
  • Technical assistance and consultation to LSGBs and staff of 30 pilot municipalities to draft their 2016 municipality budget in results-oriented budgeting format
  • A guideline for definition and assessment of budget indicators
  • Presentation of related methodological and training materials in Georgia